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Carol Madsen

By: Carol Madsen

Advertised as the “#1 Sleeping Pill,” Somnavox is a sleep aid said to solve all your sleep issues..

Somnavox supposedly induces “a natural high” and “intense feelings of euphoria,” while ensuring users feel relaxed and at ease.

According to the manufacturers, Somnavox reduces time it takes to fall asleep, ameliorates sleep quality, and helps you wake up refreshed.

Better still, Somnavox purportedly achieves these benefits with all-natural ingredients! But is there truth in the Somnavox advertising?

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What’s Under the Cap?

The ingredients in Somnavox are:

Phenibut. Phenibut is a chemical similar to gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), and mimics GABA’s effects. It stimulates dopamine receptors while interfering with beta-phenethylamine (PEA), an anxiety-inducing compound. [1] Phenibut is used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders. Although clinical studies are few, there is a promising animal study that shows its sedative qualities.

In one clinical study, 40mg/kg phenibut was given to rabbits. Results revealed phenibut played a part in inhibiting cortical responses, which is what researchers suggest gives phenibut its sedative properties. [2]

Valerian Root. Valerian is used for its sedative qualities. [3] However, some studies debate its direct effects on insomnia.

In one study, 16 older women with insomnia were given 300 mg valerian extract or a placebo 30 minutes before bedtime for 2 weeks. Researchers assessed the test subjects’ sleep by self-report and polysomnography. Research reveals “there was no statistically significant differences between valerian and placebo after a single dose or after 2 weeks of nightly dosing. [4]

However, a different study shows patients who took 400 mg valerian extract 1 hour before bed experienced significant decreases in sleep latency and improvements in sleep quality. [5]

Theanine. Theanine eliminates stress by inhibiting cortical neuron excitation.

In one study, 12 participants were put in 4 stressful situations and given theanine. Theanine lowered subjects’ heart rate and salivary immunoglobulin, 2 markers of acute stress. I was unable to find the dosage administered in the study. [6]

Another study shows 50 mg theanine given to 35 patients resulted in higher alpha activity. Higher alpha activity is associated with a relaxed, un-stressed state .[7]

Melatonin (1.5 mg). Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that regulates the sleep wake-cycle. It decreases sleep latency and increases sleepiness.

Researchers administered 10 mg melatonin to 30 individuals and a placebo to 10 others for28 days. The group that took melatonin experienced significant reduction in sleep latency. [8]

Magnesium (300 mg). Magnesium deficiency is linked with poor sleep quality . [9] However, the appropriate magnesium dose for sleep benefits is still being studied. [10]

Seratonin. High serotonin levels in the central nervous system are linked with increases in non-rapid eye movement sleep. [11]

Many ingredients in Somnavox are listed in a proprietary blend, so it is difficult to gauge its effectiveness, which is why it is important to read customer reviews to see how it works.

Use and Side Effects claims there are no known side effects associated with Somnavox. But, grogginess and drowsiness are side effects associated with phenibut. [12] However, when used appropriately, these side effects should fade within a few days.

Use recommends users take 3 capsules 30 minutes before desired bedtime. Each bottle lasts 30 days.

User Reviews

While Somnavox user reviews are few, they are favorable.

“Most sleeping pills make me groggy the next day so I try to avoid them. Recently I was introduced to somnavox…Somnavox is a gentle sleep aid,” says one user on “Somnavox is more than just a sleep aid. It also provides pain relief and helps to reduce recovery time and anxiety.”

A YouTube video review about Somnavox says, “Somnavox has great ingredients that will help you get a good night sleep without making you feel drowsy when you wake up and feel like you want to stay in bed all day.”

How Is Somnavox Customer Service? ensures that users are protected by a 90-day money-back guarantee. If users are not satisfied with the sleep-inducing benefits from Somnavox, the manufacturer states users can return one empty bottle and any additional bottles in an unopened, resalable condition for a refund (less shipping and handling).

The website also offers a live chat feature, which is nice because users can easily find out more information about Somnavox

Prices and Deals

Somnavox is sold on a lot of sites online including Amazon and eBay but I found the best place to order is on where you can sze on bundle deals with the following prices:

• 1 bottle: $69.95
• 2 bottles: $119.95
• 3 bottles: $159.95

Somnavox can also be purchasd through The deals are as follows:

• 1 bottle: $53.99
• 2 bottles: $103.99 + free shipping
• 3 bottles: $133.99 + free shipping

Final Thoughts on Somnavox

Somnavox contains clinically proven ingredients to reduce anxiety and enhance sleep quality. Users also claim it relieves pain. However, it is powerful and may not be for everyone.

With such favorable reviews and a promising ingredient mix, Somnavox should not be counted out. The 100% money-back guarantee not only shows the manufacturers’ conviction, but is also a nice benefit for users.


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